The future of Voice optimisation and monitoring is here!

iTEAM are very proud to bring a brilliant little device to market for you to improve both voice quality, as well as fault finding procedures.   This little device plugs into your client’s network just behind the internet breakout. It runs a variety of tests and calls to assess the quality of the internet, protocols, firewall rules and others ... Read More »

9th Nov 2023
iTEAM Net Monitoring Launched!

We are excited to announce our new iTEAM System: Net Monitoring   The Net Monitoring System allows resellers to monitor their iTEAM links with more features than just a normal ping!   NET MONITOR FEATURES 1. Connect your router via SNMP and monitor ALL it's data:   2. View Router Information   3. View latest data on any captured ... Read More »

15th Jun 2023
iTEAM's Latest Product Launched - FibREX is here!

We are excited to announce our new iTEAM product: FibREX   This is a unique product as it allows your clients to have Fibre primary & a Fibre backup in failover configuration. This enables you to have happier clients with even better SLA's in place between you and your client.    FIBREX REQUIREMENTS In order for us to support your ... Read More »

2nd May 2023
Can we make your life easier?????

This was the question that a few of our voice partners asked us....   Apart from having one of South Africa's most stable voice platforms, we have gone right through to creating your invoices for you (well nearly)...   On the 26th of each month, each of our resellers log into their portal and scroll down to the 'Attached Files'. In there ... Read More »

24th Jan 2023
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